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Jailbreak iPhone 3GS Help - Successfully Get It Done In Minutes!

What is it is the question that runs in the mind of people who are unfamiliar with this process. Beginners or the uninformed might think about getting out of prison, but this is not the case. Though we can relate these two later.

Joking aside, here are some explanations about this very cool process:

1. Getting Out of Limits

Consider the limits set by Apple to your device as a prison cell. So this process is a bit like getting out of prison. This process, as the name implies, will let you achieve freedom to go beyond the limitations of your device.

2. Full Customization

This process is about full customization. With it, you will be able to modify your handheld device to go with your preferences or needs.

3. Enjoy Features Not Offered by Apple

Lastly, you will be able to download apps that are not offered by Apple Store. For instance, you will be able to sync your device to the iTunes on your PC just by using WiFi. The default features of this device only allow sync using a cable. Another example would be having additional icon displays in your screen. You will be able to enjoy a 5 icon dock instead of just 4.

The Importance of Knowing This

Knowing what it is will give you an idea about this process and the cool benefits that it can bring to your device that would provide you utmost satisfaction. This can be a “Do It Yourself” process. However, if you are new about this, it is advised that you should research more about it to prevent any problems from arising due to lack of information.

To know more about this cool process and how to safely do it, visit: What It Is

Untethered is the most recommended and preferred by most users. This is because of the convenience that it brings to them.

To help you understand this process and why it is highly recommended, here are some facts about it:

1. Definition

This version is the most ideal way of modifying your mobile device. Unlike its counterpart, it no longer requires connecting it to your PC every time you boot it. The only time that you are required to connect it to your PC is during the primary process of modifying it.

2. How It Works

The modification process automatically activates even if you reboot your device because the patched kernels remain in it.

3. Advantages

This process is very convenient especially if you are on the move most of the time. You don’t have to worry anymore about repeating this process over and over again whenever you encounter a glitch that requires a restarting or you drain your battery. Simply turn it off and on without any hassles involved.

Why Choose This

From the facts stated above, it is clear that untethered is indeed convenient. It may not contain additional features as compared to its counterpart in terms of the enjoyment of apps and features provided by a modified device, but the difference can be seen or felt during the rebooting process.

To successfully modify your device without the need of connecting it to your PC every now and then, visit: Untethered

Is tethered recommended? Why do many find this process a bit annoying or inconvenient? We will tackle on the basics of this process for you to be able to understand its definition, importance, advantage and disadvantage.

This process is very complicated but we will tackle this in a very simple manner using simple explanations to aid even the starters:

1. Definition

This means that every time you start up or boot your device, you will have to connect it to your PC.

2. Importance

Basically, your device losses the patched kernel when it is turned off. So this aids your device during the process through the use of a tool. Your device will not have a successful boot without doing this first, meaning that you will get stuck on the start up state without it.

3. Advantage

This is advantageous when you are at home most of the time or you have a computer on your side that has the necessary tools. Well, that’s just it.

4. Disadvantage

This is really cumbersome because every time you turn off your device, it has a glitch that requires rebooting, or if runs out of battery, you will have to connect it to your PC.


Tethered provides the same enjoyment that you can derive from its counterpart. However, the only inconvenient stuff about this is that it mainly requires a PC every time you go through it. This is recommended though if this is only the option available or there are no available tools for modifying the version of your device yet.

To get an in-depth information about how this process works, visit: Tethered

Having the right or compatible Software is very essential in the successful completion of this process.

To help you decide which is the right one for you, here is a quick look:

1. Redsn0w

Redsn0w is the most popular tool because of its compatibility with almost all kinds of devices. This can basically handle all versions of these devices. The new version of this enables it to automatically detect the set of programs in your device plus its boot ROM. With it the needed files are downloaded from Apple into to your device.

2. Pwnage Tool

This is a bit similar to the features of Redsn0w with the addition of being able to edit your boot logo and a couple of fixes for glitches. The only disadvantage of this is that is only runs on MAC OS X and there are some known issues on this like its side switch vibration problem (though it was addressed by recent versions).

3. Greenpois0n

This also works much like Redsn0w. This was originally intended for the iDevice but developments enabled it to work with your mobile device now, though not all versions of mobile devices are covered.

In Choosing the Right One

In choosing the right software, keep in mind the IOS or version of your device. Make sure that it is compatible with it to prevent glitches or other major issues that may render your device useless.

To help you discover a good tool that is compatible with your device, visit: Software

It is important to get the right Instructions to effectively go beyond the limits of your device without exposing it to harm. This is because half of the reasons why these kinds of devices malfunction after modification are caused by users who do not pay much attention to details.

To help you effectively modify your mobile device, here are a few steps:

1. Download and Check the Software

In finding the right software for this process, you can look it up from search engines. Known softwares that are compatible with the version of your handheld device are Redsn0w, Pwnage Tool and Greenpois0n. Assess carefully the source if it is trustworthy. You may run an Antivirus scan for the software before opening it.

2. Connect Device to PC as you Run the Software

Insert the USB plug into your mobile device and PC then install the software by right-clicking it.

3. Get Device into DFU Mode

Get your mobile device at DFU mode. This is very easy, just simultaneously press home and power button. Let go of Power and remain pressed on the Home until you see a message.

4. Run Cydia

Run Cydia, which is the tool that you can use to download apps for your modified device. Then reboot your device to complete the process.

What to Remember

Instructions are very simple but following these are important. This is to prevent your mobile device from exposure to risks that may endanger your personal information or that may damage it. So do not do anything not specified here.  Surely, you don’t want someone spying on you or you don’t want to turn your device into an iBrick, do you?

If you need more information to unleash your device safely, visit: Instructions

Is it possible to go beyond its limits? The answer is yes. The recent developments and innovations plus the vast resources available online make this task easy. There are many programs right now that can do this and they are available almost everywhere on the Internet.

Here are some quick facts in relation to this question:

1. What softwares are compatible?

Softwares like the popular Redsn0w and others like Greenpois0n or Pwnage Tool will help you do the task.

2. Where to acquire these softwares?

As mentioned, these are available online. You can find them by typing their keywords using search engines.

3. What else do you need?

Aside of course from your mobile device, you should have a PC with an Internet connection to help you download the program. A USB cable to connect your mobile device to your PC is also needed.

4. How to do it?

This is very easy because the Tool will do the task almost automatically for you. All you have to do is select the right settings and other manual stuff like connecting your mobile device to your PC, putting it into DFU mode and rebooting it.

What to Remember

When downloading resources or tools for this procedure, make sure that they only come from reliable or trusted websites so that you will not risk exposing your device to malicious wares like Trojans, worms and other malware.

To get a perfectly safe software for this and for additional guides, visit: How You Can Get Started

Is it safe? This is usually a question asked by users who are either unfamiliar or skeptical about this process. It is alright to go with this process but there are things that have to be considered for its successful execution.

Here are a few tips on how to do it securely to prevent damage or exposing your device to risks:

1. Get the Right Tools

Equipping yourself with the right tools will keep your device away from harm. In downloading the right software, be sure to get it only from a reliable or trusted source. Then choose a software that is compatible with the version of your mobile device. For this model, Redsn0w is highly recommended.

2. Scan

Always remember to scan every downloaded file with an antivirus program before running it. This is to prevent viruses or other harmful programs into accessing your device. It is highly advised that you pick a well-known antivirus for this task.

3. Follow Instructions

Lastly, read the instructions related to this process before proceeding. Research for additional resources if you have any questions and never hesitate to ask expert opinion from a person who is familiar with this process. Most problems that occur after modifying this device comes from users who don’t pay particular attention to the details or directions that are essential in the successful completion of this task.


So, is it safe? Yes, provided that the necessary precautions are made and the directions are followed carefully.

To know more about a secure way of modifying your device, visit: Safe Ways

How does it work? You might wonder. It can’t be helped to become so curious about this process because of the awesome things that it can do to this kind of device.

Here’s the way it happens:

1. Removes Limits

This process eliminates the limits set by Apple on this device though the utilization of custom kernels. Basically, you can only download apps that are produced or approved by this company. The apps can only be obtained through the Apple Store. However, removing the limits of your device using this procedure will enable you to install apps that are not offered or even forbidden by Apple.

2. What You Need

This can be done by downloading a tool that is compatible with the version of your handheld device, which can be found on the Internet using search engines or reliable websites that you can find there. The most commonly used tool to download apps from a modified device is Cydia. Also, instructions about this process can be found online.

3. About the Process

The process only involves connecting your device to your PC. Then you run the installer, input the necessary settings, put your device in DFU and the software will take care of the whole process.

Where to Get More Info

Answers about how does it work can be found almost everywhere online. However, not all of them are guaranteed to answer all your questions about this matter. So why don’t you check out this site?

To get additional and thorough explanation about this procedure, visit: How It Works

Why Jailbreak iPhone 3GS? This product already has features that are both entertaining and useful,” some users might say.

This process of modifying your mobile device opens it up to a lot of potentials or features that are not offered by Apple. Here are the cool benefits that you will definitely enjoy once you decide to modify your device:

1. Access to Third Party Apps

Deciding to modify your handheld device will enable you to explore and install third party apps that are not available or even forbidden by Apple. This way, you will have the option to fully-customize it to go with your needs or preferences. It will enable you to do multi-tasking activities and transform your device into something unique with the right process. Some examples of the features that you can enjoy are Wifi Sync, Popup SMS, Stay Opened, Rotator Display and Five Icon Dock.

2. Bug Fixes

Because nothing in this world is made perfect, bug fixes are available also once you modify your device. This will enable you to fix the glitches that are usually encountered by users of this device. These are already present in the tools that are being used in the modification process.

Try It

These are only a few cool reason. You should definitely try it to discover and enjoy more features for your device. There are softwares that are available for this that are very safe and secure which will never compromise your device.

You can find the right software by visiting: Why?

Just as you thought iPhone 3Gs is taking a bow in the spotlight of tech world in the U.S., a different scene is brewing in other countries in Asia like India.  The gadget is a very much anticipated device series that hit the mobile line up of Aircel.  For only Rs 9,999 plus Rs. 3,000 as advance rental payment, tech savvies in India can have an unit that in the current USD conversion, Rs.12,000 is just approximately $223 USD; hence, making the model a very good deal indeed.

Aside from this, iPhone 3Gs may be three years old which is a passé based on tech standards.  However, its specifications are at par with smartphones released by Apple’s competitors especially when pricing is the main concern.   But as tech savvies who will grab this device because of its price advantage, its hardware still follow the high standards set by Apple.  Needless to say, it still carries the pride of the brand.    When it comes to hardware specifications, iPhone 3Gs will operate on the latest iOS versions as modifications were made by Apple a few months prior to the report of discontinuance in production just this September.  Yet it may fall sort on the count of camera megapixel and RAM as compared to some of its competitors.  Nevertheless, It is still a good bet when placed side by side against Android tools that cost a whooping Rs. 30,000 or approximately $555 USD.
To perk the performance of the device, units running on iOS 6 also have a chance to enjoy updated features like Photo Streams, Maps and the Passbook. It also has more flexibility in call handling and managing while it will also see an improved browsing and mail capabilities. But on the downside, the 3Gs has limitations too like no front camera, limited navigation system and Siri.