Jun 12


People who have chosen to Jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.0.1 don’t need to worry about the cost as those who have not do.  These modern handsets have built in applications in addition to a store link where you can purchase more, at a cost. An handset that has been opened gives the customer a better selection.

How To Avoid Overpriced Application Downloads

If you have a computer, or access to one and it is connected to the internet you have everything necessary to jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.0.1. First of all you will need to get the right software which can be found online. You will find there a download link that once clicked starts the process.

Once it has downloaded you have the option to run the program straight away which will then bring up a new screen with instructions on how to proceed. Follow everything you are instructed to do, diagrams that show you how to jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.0.1 will be displayed at the same time to make this process even easier.

You will be required to connect the handset to the computer. Cables will have been included in the box along with the charger, headphones etc… when you first made your purchase. If this is the first time it has been connected in this way it will take a few moments for the computer to recognize your device. In some cases the installation disc (which will also have been included) will be required too. Don’t worry if you no longer have these or purchased a second hand set that did not include them as they can be purchased separately.

Once the whole jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.0.1 process has finished you will need to re boot your handset for the changes to take effect properly. There will be a new link on your phone that will take you to Cydia where you can begin to pick and choose the apps you want. For newbies there is an app called RockApp. It still gives you the content from Cydia but is much easier to use.

The Safety and Legal Implications Of Using The Software

People who reside in the United States will not be punished for breaking any laws through downloading the initial software and adding the applications as and when you need them. The way your computer and handset will not be at risk of virus’s and functionality, neither will any information that was present before the download be lost.

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The fast and easy to use process to jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.0.1 is becoming more and more popular as handset owners realize they have a choice rather than a restriction.  Without risking damage to their property they can still gain access to the latest functions including access to the WInterboard app enabling handset theme changes that were not originally included. With the knowledge that they can choose their application provider the customer is once again in control which is the way it should now and always have been.

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