Jun 12


Break limits to your device and access to thousands of applications when you Jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.1. Download the coolest themes, games, ringtones, wallpapers, and add widgets to your Apple gadget to make it truly exciting and rise to a higher level of fun and enjoyment.

The method in getting the process complete requires a number of simple and easy steps that need to be follow. You have to use an upright software program for your device to Jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.1 and update to the latest deals for your device.

Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.1 Fast and Easy

The Jailbreak 3gs 5.1 will help you do the breaking process so that you can use your device limitlessly and downloading applications freely. All you need is to follow the step by step instructions below.

  1. Download, run, and install the right version on Absinthe to Jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.1 software program.
  2. Once downloaded, extract the zip file by right clicking the downloaded file and click the extract to folder option.
  3. When the program has been extracted, look for the .exe file, right click and select Run as administrator option.
  4. Then connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. If you have many stored photos, music, videos, and important files on your device then you should make a backup of your personal data, go to iTunes and backup everything before using the program to avoid your data being corrupted and gone.
  5. Open Absinthe and make sure your device is still connected on the computer.
  6. Click on Break and wait for the process to complete. The course runs from 5 to 10 minutes or longer depending on the content of your device so you have to wait patiently. The program will notify you that the process is complete and that it is installed. Your device will reboot on its own and wait for your device to turn on.

That’s it! Your device is now activated. You can now be able to update to the latest and different applications that fits your device.

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