Jun 12


To Jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.1.1 you don’t need to leave your seat. So long as the computer you wish to use is connected to the internet and the original leads you bought with your handset are available you are ready to begin.

Through this process your ties to only the content Apple allow no longer applies, letting you as the owner choose your own application providers and make a great deal of savings along the way.

What You Will Need To Do To Get Your Handset Freed From Ties

Get the three things you need (handset to computer leads, handset and computer or laptop) in the same place to make the process faster and even easier than it already is.  Make sure that your computer has current live connection and if possible use something stable such as a wired or wireless modem rather than a mobile dongle or similar that may have very limited download capacity or become disconnected easily.

If the handset is not dual band but there is even the slightest chance you may wish to open your options in the future so a sim from another network provider is to be used then the Jailbreak iPhone 3gs 5.1.1 software needs to take place without making changes to the baseband. Here you will find how to do this so that your options of future changes are made possible.

How To Go Through The Process From Home

You will need to begin by creating a new folder on the desktop. This is very simple, just right click and choose the New Folder option. Once this has been created, you can right click again to rename it. The new name should be Pwnage and is where the latest version of Redsn0w needs to be kept. Download the latest version and drag this into the Pwnage folder by holding the left button on the mouse and holding while moving over the target folder.

The Redsn0w software will be in a format that needs to be extracted before it can be used. This kind of file is known as zipped. Right click the zipped file and choose the extract option so that the information stored is usable. Once this process is complete you can then run it by double clicking.

It is now time to make the computer to handset connection via the lead mentioned earlier on. From the computer launch Redsn0w by selecting it, right clicking and choosing run from the list of actions. From this point you will be able to follow the simple instructions that are on the screen, enabling you to continue the process.

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In this modern age consumers are now more aware of the fact they have choices in the things they decide to purchase, handset software is no different but it has taken a while to get the word out there so many still pay much more than others for the benefit of the more recent applications. With very little necessary in the way of previous technological experience, or even time, this is something anyone can do at their leisure.

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